Lit - Essay ExampleSome of the effects of child abuse include anxiety, depression, post-traumatic disorder, physical injury and propensity to for further victimization during adulthood among other problems. Sexual abuse by one of the family members results to incest and leads to long-term and more serious psychological trauma, mostly as in the case of parental incest.According to a 2009 report done in 22 countries by Clinical Psychology Review, the global dominance of child abuse has been estimated at 19% for females and 8% for males. Going by the available data, Africa leads in cases of child abuse (34%), especially in South Africa, with Europe being the least with 9.2%. Men commit most of these child abuse cases and some of them who have abused sexually a prepubescent child are pedophiles. A child who has undergone prolonged sexual abuse is most likely to develop a feeling of worthlessness, low self-esteem, and distorted or abnormal view of sex (Elizabeth, 2007). The child may later become withdrawn and mistrust the adults and may end up being suicidal.

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